MakWeb Web Design JHB

Beautiful, sleek web design

from R295 p/m

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MakWeb Web Hosting JHB

Fast, reliable web hosting

from R55 p/m

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MakWeb Responsive Web Design JHB

Responsive websites that adapt effortlessly to different devices

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MakWeb Web Content JHB

Expertly crafted content

from R295 p/h

MakWeb Custom PHP, CSS and HTML Coding JHB

Custom PHP, CSS and HTML coding 

from R295 p/h

Welcome to MakWeb Web Design JHB

Sleek and responsive websites designed maintained for only R295p/m! 

WordPress, Joomla!, custom HTML/CSS, hosting and graphic design.

Simpler is better

We believe in simplicity. 

We focus on building your website with the goal of successfully advertising your business. We make sure you end up with a beautiful, sleek website that speaks to your customers.

Building partnerships

We believe in building long-term partnerships. 

If our clients prosper, we prosper. We see ourselves as a partner rather than a supplier, with emphasis on mutually-beneficial growth and shared prosperity.

Our offering to you

We believe in top-class web design.

We offer top-class website design services and maintenance for a small monthly fee. We don’t charge a large design fee upfront because we believe in long-term building partnerships. 

Web design

PagesMonthly maintenanceHostingCost
3 pages1 hourMak 1R295pm*
6 pages2 hoursMak 2R395pm*
9 pages3 hoursMak 3R495pm*
UnlimitedUnlimited changesMak 4R995pm*
*12 or 24 month contract

What do you get…

Web hosting

PlanStorageWeb TrafficCost
Mak 11000MB20GBR55p/m
Mak 22000MB40GBR65p/m
Mak 34000MB60GBR75p/m
Mak 45000MBUnlimitedR85p/m
*12 month contract

What do you get…

How we do it...

We design most of our websites in WordPress or Joomla!. There’s a reason that most website are developed using these platforms; they make beautiful, contemporary websites and they are easy-to-use for clients and developers alike.

The best results are achieved using WordPress/Joomla with custom HTML/CSS/PHP coding.

  • Beautiful, intuitive user interface.
  • Creating and editing content is easy as pie.
  • Highly customisable to your specific needs.
  • Fantastic, built-in security.
  • It’s a universal platform.
  • Easier to use than Joomla!.

  • Tons of built-in features, powerful plugins.
  • Creating and editing content is easy.
  • Highly customisable and extensible.
  • Water-tight, built-in security.
  • It’s also a universal platform.
  • Slightly more difficult to use but worth the effort.
Custom HTML, CSS and PHP
  • Security! Custom sites are difficult to attack.
  • Full control over feature, no external plugins that might affect the site.

Custom sites are labour intensive and are therefore charged on an hourly basis.

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