29th November 2016

Accident Reporter – Microsoft Access

The problem

Workplace accidents are traumatic and almost always need speedy treatment – the last thing anybody wants to do is paperwork. The Accident Reporter solves these problems by making accident reporting fast and easy. Furthermore, it makes accident management an absolute breeze.

Accident reporter Requirements

Accident reporter Features

  • Integrated Workman’s Compensation (W.CL.) documentation.
    • Form W.CL.2 – Employers Report of an Accident
    • Form W.CL.4 – First Medical Report in Respect of an Accident
    • Form W.CL.5 – Final or Progress Medical Report in Respect of an Accident
    • Form W.CL.6 – Resumption Report
  • Helpful guidelines (in red) to help any employee report an accident.
  • Linked employee profiles so there are no unnecessary questions.
  • Medical documentation is linked to each accident and uploaded to server, as a result all documents are neatly organised.
  • User is notified of outstanding documents to close off the accident file.

Integrated documents W.CL Documents

Accident reporter panel

The user is guided through a step-by-step process: first of all the accident information; secondly, personal information; and lastly, additional information.